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could custom interactions/animations be added to the pagebuilder?

  • Hey there folks 🙂 I was wondering if you might consider adding the possibility to add custom animations to the pagebuilder? e.g. lottie? some pretty snazzy hamburger menu effects are on there for free 😉 it would be super duper cool because if you look around the web it's all the rage 🙂 custom hamburger menu effects, e.g. triggering off canvas menu and custom cursors and the likes. if you're into after effects then it has a plugin that allows to make custom vector animations too

  • This would be amazing. I already tried a Lottie integration and gave up (admittedly after a very short amount of time). Anyway, +1 for this great request!

  • Hi,

    You can embed custom code on your page, I remember I did some successfull tests with Lottie Web :

    But we didn't go further with this library as it's main purpose is for web applications, and the animation size can be heavy (for remote download)

    I would recommend to use animated SVG for animations instead of this for web development (but I'm open to be convinced if I'm wrong)

  • @Wassim it's awesome that we can add custom-javascript to the page-builder, but I was more so wondering if we could have it as a plugin which saves some time, kind of like how webflow does it 😉

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