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Contact Form email address

  • Re: Contact form from email address

    I have whitelabel and I am experiencing an issue that come up with one of my clients. They received an inquiry from the form and they selected "reply" to answer the inquiry. The email ended up being sent to my email instead of the person inquiring email. Is there a way to make it where when someone selects "reply" it automatically pulls from the email field that the lead filled out instead of populating it with my agency's email? This is very crucial as I am starting to push more websites and I want to continue offering a basic form included with the service that I offer.

  • Hi,
    Thing is your form is 100% custom, you don't have necessarily an email and even if you do it's not necessarily named "mail".
    Maybe we could try to detect an email address in the submitted fields.

  • Hi Christopher,

    It depends on how your form is configured to send the email, but you could perhaps look into including a "reply-to" address.

    This allows you to instruct your client's email program to reply to a different address than the address (yours) that sent the email.

    A second option might be to alter your email template that you email to the client including a big "REPLY TO CUSTOMER" button that includes a link. This will open a new email window with a blank email pre-addressed to the client.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi, @Christopher-Rodriguez and the community. We updated the form process to detect an email in the submitted values. Now the first email found is assigned as the reply to address.

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