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Embedding Mailchimp Sign Up Forms into my Site

  • Hi there,
    I think you probably have these instructions somewhere but do you have specific Mailchimp embedding instructions? I've tried and tried to figure out how to get the standard script into the header of all pages, as per Mailchimp's instructions, but I can't see anywhere that App Drag has universal header editing. Whatever I've done so far isn't registering with Mailchimp as working, so ... here I am to ask 🙂

    I've searched "mailchimp" on this community page and the support page but nothing comes up.

    Thanks (and perhaps if one doesn't exist, a tutorial about this might be a good idea - it's pretty common for people needing to embed forms from their email manager.


  • Hi Naomi,
    On your project dashboard you have insert HTML in head tag & insert HTML before end of body. Based on MailChimp instructions you can set the code they provide you there.


    If it doesn't work, don't hesitate to show a screenshot of Mailchimp instructions so we can understand what you're trying to achieve.

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