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Cannot connect domain, my plan is BUSINESS

  • I bought appsumo deal, app is upgraded and attached to Offer: BUSINESS , when I try to connect domain it asks me to upgrade to other plans, mine isn't visible anywhere to be selected... very confusing.

  • Hi Nuno,
    I can see your projects are in Business and one has a domain connected, is your issue resolved?

  • Wassim,

    I have the same problem. I have a Business plan as well.

    One project is connected to a domain, but when I try to connect the second project (website) to a new domain, it says "choose a plan"

    Does this mean that even though our Appsumo deal includes 5 websites, only 1 can be connected to our own domain?

    Looking forward to your answer

  • This post is deleted!

  • When we create and publish new project, if we try to "connect domain" as in your workflow funnel it goes to a page where Business (our Appsumo plan) isn't recognized as a paid plan, it asks to upgrade (to other 3 plans).
    However, if we cancel, go to project again, click on domains & emails... there it will work. Wasted hours looking for a workaround, hours I didn't have 😞

  • Hello,

    You just have to assign your project to your business offer as the project owner and business offer owner.
    @Delia-Ursulescu and @Nuno-Oliveira, email us the project you're referring to at and I will tell you if there's anything special to take in consideration.

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