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Cloud Backend Documentation

  • Hi team,

    I'm looking to add better documentation to my project.

    It would be outstanding if I could attach a description and expected parameter type to each variable.

    In a dream world, the parameter edit dialog box from an API function would look like this:

    Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 7.46.37 AM.png

    Then, not only would those descriptions and parameter types show up in the documentation, but I'd also like to add it to the automatically generated code's headers in a comment style appropriate for each language.

    For Node.js for example, it would be in JSDoc format.

    Is this possible? I'm not sure how you're storing existing parameter information and whether or not you can add information like this on to it.

  • Hi,
    Interesting, let's see if there are more users who'd like this to enhance their code quality.

  • @Daniel-Mulroy proper documentation of source code is really helpful and the easier this can be done, the better. Can also be helpful when looking up where certain pieces of code are being used.

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