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Grafana and AppDrag API

  • Hi there, does anybody have experience linking AppDrag data to Grafana?

  • Hi,
    Nope but it looks you have to setup on a server or using their cloud and then use their HTTP API to make requests and pull data on AppDrag CloudBackend API Functions.

    I recommend you to use Axios to do requests to their API.

    Don't hesitate if you have questions while trying to integrate it.

  • Hi Dick,

    I used Grafana for the v1 of our site, so I have experience with it.

    I don't think you can 'host' Grafana on AppDrag, but if you ran it on a third-party server (like an AWS EC2) you might be able to:

    1. Use it to pull data from CloudDB
    2. Embed Grafana graphs (that pull data from wherever) as iframes

    Good luck! i'd be interested in if/how you get it to work!

  • Hi Daniel,

    do you have some experience with pulling data from CloudDB into Grafana?

    Thanks in advance and best regards - Dick

  • None - I was hosting Grafana on an EC2 Micro instance and pulling data from a local RDS SQL server.

    I have however built visualisations using Charts.js and ApexCharts by pulling data from the CloudDB backend and displaying on an AppDrag site.

    I suppose which route you take depends on how invested you are in Grafana and how many other data sources you are trying to blend into this.

    If you are just looking to visualise CloudDB data, there are many better ways.

    If you're pulling data from many different sources and want to integrate data from CloudDB, that gets tricky.

    If I had to do that, I might set up Grafana on a third-party server, and just embed the data / graphs I needed next to 'native' stuff from CloudDB (not through Grafana)

  • @Daniel-Mulroy thanks for the tips! I'm going to take a look at charts.js and ApexCharts.

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