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Retrieve visitor country code?

  • Is it possible to get the visitors country from the back-end?

    I know it's available from CloudFront-Viewer-Country and can be passed to the Lambda.

  • You could try looking in the headers. If not, the best thing to do would probably do a Geo IP lookup, you can indeed get the IP from the backend. I don't think browser headers send country code, they barely send timezone info 😉

    I think I have code for extracting the IP address if you need it, but if you print all the headers from the request you should see how to access it.

    Cheers @ThomasD

  • @Daniel-Mulroy

    Yeah, I can use a GeoIP lookup service since the IP is in the headers.

    Just thought I'd avoid the extra cost since it's already available in AWS.

  • In case you haven't found this out yourself yet, you can access it from within a CloudBackend function using:


    Hope this helps!

  • @Daniel-Mulroy

    Glad you wrote that!

    I looked for it using the "Try" feature, but that doesn't return the CloudFront headers. I would have missed it for sure.

    Problem is, this will eat up the back-end quota instantly because every visitor would need to execute it...

  • Can you help me understand the use-case a bit more? Maybe I'll get a flash of inspiration if I know more about what you're trying to do 🙂

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