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  • Hi !

    I have transfered the GAON Project to my Dashboard but, I don't know why, the domain appears on the Gaon Dashboard but I have paid it from my account.
    Could you transfer it to mine please ?


    I also have paid for the LITE program (with but I don't know how to reconnect it to it...
    Could you also help me for that ?

    Thanks a lot !!!


    It doesn't appears here... so weird !
    Thanks again

  • Hi,

    Can you provide to :

    • a link to the "gaon project"
    • the domain name
    • the email address of the account who has the domain attached to
    • the email address of the account who you want the domain to be attached to
      Once we have it we can proceed to the migration.
      If it has been paid on this account it should be on your account so I guess it's on another one.

  • OK i do it right now 🙂

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