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Integration with CRM

  • Hi
    I want to integrate my website with privyr crm... I send a request to them to get it done... after checking the code they came back with the below message...

    We checked the website above and unfortunately as the contact forms are using non-standard formatting (specifically, only using <div> instead of the standard <form> and <button> or <input> elements) which prevents other systems from connecting with it, we aren’t able to support them. If you update your site in the future to use a regular website contact form, we’ll be able to support it.

    Here is an example of the contact form integration for your reference - all submitted leads will automatically be received into your Privyr account:

    can someone pls help me with this issue ?

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hi,
    As they suggest you, they want a classic <form> element so you can use custom code on your page and setup a basic form.
    and check documentation and examples

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