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api sql question...

  • How do I call a empty column? I have tried all SQL statement possibles and it does not work...

  • Hi Pablo, I'm not sure what you mean. Are you trying to find rows where a certain column is empty?

    I usually use:

    SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Column IS NULL OR = ""

  • Thanks Daniel for you response.

    my question it's about the API call on appdrag.

    for example I use

    column_name != VALUE '' <<< this is not working
    column_name != VALUE <<< this is not working
    column_name != VALUE "" <<< this is not working
    column_name is VALUE NOT NULL <<< this is not working

    column name is a text field

    also i tried with another column that is a boolean this

    another_column_name is VALUE FALSE <<< this is not working

    I have tried all SQL statements possibles but on the API do not work

  • @Pablo-Garcia here could you provide your full SQL query and code? probably your code is calling an SQL query ... but since you didn't provided anything we can only guess 😉

    also your partial syntax seems wrong

    It should be:

    SELECT * FROM Table WHERE column_name != 'YOUR_VALUE' AND column_name IS NOT NULL;

  • @Pablo-Garcia

    I'm confused by the word VALUE in your query. I am pretty sure that is causing the issue.

    If you're coming from a different SQL platform, you should be aware that CloubBackend uses MySQL 5.8 via AWS Aurora, so your queries have to adhere to that syntax.

    I think if you simply removed "VALUE" from most of your queries above things might start working 🙂

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