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Too long of a product description

  • Hello,

    How do you handle a very long product description? I'd like to sort them with: Description, ingredients, FAQ's.

    With Shopify, I used an app to create a tab/accordion on a product page. While I understand we do have an accordion here, it's a section, not an element, sadly. Plus, if I add the accordion using the page builder, I won't know which part of the product description would fit into the accordion (as it's a universal section across product pages).

    So, my question is, do you use a Div Container instead inside the Shop Manager (how does it work, even)? How do you categorize your long product description? I'd like visitors to open the part that they just want to know more about (ingredients, how to use, product description, etc.)

    Thanks a ton!

  • Hi,

    We don't handle those use cases natively.
    You can use HTML tags inside your product description edition (as you can edit the source code of it)
    And add some logic into your shop product detail page to collapse/show your sections.

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