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To transfer the Domain Name "" hosted on appdrag to another service O2switch

  • Hello the team support, Joseph, wassim, ....

    Urgent Request

    We have developed a new website "up to care" in Wordpress. And we would like this new site to be accessible with the domain name Also we ask you to transfer the domain name, (or tell me what to do step by step) hosted at appdrag and which is currently associated with the old website "up-to-care-82bf3a" on another service, hosted at o2switch.

    Developer Wordpress has communicated to me the target DSNs
    "" et ""

    requested the authorization code for
    The EPP code is : *****************

    Please, Keep me informed of the progress of this transfer.

  • Hello Patrick,
    You want to move your domain from AppDrag to 02Switch and you already have the EPPCode.
    So it has to be done on 02Switch. You will have to transfer it from there and they'll ask your EPPCode that you already found on AppDrag.
    If you need more help you have to ask to 02Switch.
    By the way I removed the EPP Code you provided as with that anyone can transfer it to it's own account, that was very risky to do it...

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