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bug: one of the blog-list blocks only shows 1 post instead of the 5 recently added blogposts

  • Hey there guys 🙂
    there seems to be a bug in one of the blogpost-list blocks in the page builder. I have 5 blogposts but it's only showing 1. By default, it says that it's displaying 4 columns, but 3 of them are empty.
    Please find screenshot attached

  • @Linda-MacDonald ok sorry folks went to preview it and all blog posts are showing on preview just not in the editor 🙂
    correct me if I am wrong but can I actually style each individual blog post/page and add and remove elements to it as I see fit without actually interfering with other blogposts/page layouts? it seems that I can, but don't quite know how I managed. I think that is awesome if it isn't just me doing something weird as per usual 😉

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