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URL redirection

  • I'm trying to solve an existing issue. I have a QR code that a colleague created and used the following URL: That URL is not directing to but it is actually going to straight to the index page which is How or what can I do for to be directed to ?

  • Hey Christopher,

    To serve traffic with https on root domain (without www) you need to follow our cloudflare tutorial here:

  • I am really trying but the tutorial doesn't make much sense to me. Part of the instructions says "Add a CNAME entry for host: @ with value:, proxied (orange cloud)" Where to do this? In my current Domain Name Provider or inside Cloudflare?

    Also, I've already followed the instructions for the SSL according to this:

    Why would I have to again activate another SSL with Cloudflare? Isn't the SSL already active with Cloudfront?

    This all is very confusing to me and I really need to get directing to Is there a way I can use URL rewriting or URL redirections inside appdrag to accomplish this instead of going through Cloudflare?

    Please help me out as soon as possible. one of the team member was the one that created the QR code and it 's been already printed and circulating. I need people to land on the correct URL and I really need your help to accomplish it.

  • Hi Christopher,

    Fellow AppDragger here, but I have some familiarity with the subject, so I'll try to help.

    Yes, the step regarding Adding the CNAME entry is for CloudFlare, assuming you have transferred your DNS to be hosted by CloudFlare (which

    Either AppDrag or one of the freelancers on this forum might be able to help via screen sharing if you hire them.

    Otherwise, I hope you don't mind a tip for future QR Codes - you can create a free account with a link shortening service, like (but I recommend and they offer a 'shortlink' service. Basically, the QR code goes towards a link like "" and then you can control (and change!) where you want that URL to redirect, even after the codes are printed and circulating. So, when a user scans the code, it goes first to the QR code's URL (Rebrandly logs clicks and demographics, countries, platforms, etc.) and then redirects the user towards the site you choose.

    It's a much safer and more flexible way to handle a printed/published link or QR code (I've used this myself) 🙂

  • @Daniel-Mulroy thanks for the reply, the help, and suggestion. I've never dealt with Cloudflare but I can surely transfer the DNS to be hosted if needed. The thing is that the tutorial appdrag has is not clear enough to follow. It is missing some instructions/steps or clear directions therefore the confusion.

    Yes, using a URL shortener is definitely the best thing to do in this case with the QR code but unfortunately one of the team members got hasty, created the code and they sent out to print. Now I am left with a mess to solve which is taking way too much of my time. I use Switchy for my URL's so I definitely get what you're saying. I think my best bet is to leave that QR code as is so that it directs to the homepage and create a new one on my end with a Switchy URL and then switch the QR code on all the digital design to print and distribute.

    BTW this is my 2nd website built with Appdrag and I will appreciate any feedback from the still ongoing website:

    I'd like to see what you've created with appdrag 🙂

  • Hi Christopher,
    I added to our AppDrag task list to enhance our CloudFlare integration based on your concerns.

    You 4everguard website looks very good, professional and gives trust to visitors, congratulations 💪 !

  • +1 that your site is very well done, I'm impressed!

    Have you solved your redirect problem yet?

  • @Wassim, thank you for listening and taking my concern into your task list. Also thank you for the website feedback. It means a lot coming from the Appdrag team.

  • @Daniel-Mulroy, I decided not to do the Cloudflare integration now so I discussed with the team and we will use a URL shortner from now on and no one will make any decision with online stuff until I approve it. Thanks for the reminder of using the URL shortner and also thank you for the website feedback. Coming from a seasoned web dev like yourself it's also reassuring 🙂

  • @Christopher-Rodriguez you're welcome! By the way our Cloudflare integration guide has been updated, it might help the next ones who'll follow this path. Thank you 🙏

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