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Saved changes are not publishing...

  • I made changes to my ecom website and clicked the save button, but it isnt publishing all of the changes....specifically the font type for some text in my header and the pictures I upload into quick editor for products on my home page...not quite sure why and any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Joshua,

    Just in case it's this simple:

    "Saving" changes writes your edits to a working copy of the site in the /preview/ folder, which you can then check by clicking the preview button up top.

    If you want the changes to appear on the public site, you have to click the 'publish' button to write the changes to the main public-facing directory from which your pages are served.

    Hope this might be the case.... and if it's a real bug and you already know this I apologize πŸ™‚

  • @Daniel-Mulroy
    Thanx for your reply Daniel I appreciate it...yeah that all makes sense to me. The weird thing is when I save it and then check my changes in the preview section the changes are not showing (they are product pics on the home page that I change thru the quick editor)...and then when I try and publish it for some reason the pic edits I saved don’t show PLUS the style of font for my header text is different...any suggestions as to why? Thanx again man I appreciate itπŸ™πŸ½

  • That does sound very strange.... but I have had a similar bug.

    1. Can you share your project name (for AppDrag support when they see this, they may be able to look into it)

    You can find it in the URL as "appid=your-app-id"

    1. What browser/OS are you using? I had a PageBuilder problem using Brave once, where changes would seem to save, then revert. It was very strange indeed.

    2. Are you using any custom CSS styles? Could be that. If you share your public URL that could also help.

  • Hi Josh,

    Your font issue might be related to this:

    Did you figure out the rest of your questions?

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