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New feature - Reuse your Cloud API functions as your templates

  • Hello,

    You can now add a category to your Cloud API Functions, by doing this they will be available in the list of your templates when you create a new function. (They will be available in all your projects and shared projects)

  • Hello,

    That's 100% exactly what I needed to have right now !
    Thanks a lot !

    Quick question :
    How do you define if the the API function will be in my templates or not ? It's account based ? Project based ? Licence based ?

    Having a white label, if I invite a customer in one of my projects with admin privileges, he will be able to see all my API funcs as templates ? Or just the functions of the project I invited him in ?

    Best regards,

  • @Pierre-SULPICE perfect!

    • As soon as you set a category it will appear in your templates
    • If the project is shared with them they will be able to see it (If you don't want this you can create a template function project you share with no-one. Your workflow could be to set the project function as a template, create a function from this template in your template project, remove the category from the original project and define it on your template project)

  • Perfectly clear thanks a lot !

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