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Creating a legend of elements of a photo

  • I have a photo with lots of marine creatures in it. I would like to create some sort of legend to help people learn what the different creatures are. I would like them to be able to hover over a section of the photo and get a pop up of what the creature is and some background information about this creature. Is that possible? If so, how is this achieved?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hey Keith,
    Of course this is possible, just follow those steps :

    1 - Add a gallery component on your page


    2 - Double click on your gallery > Edit gallery design > Check that on item click is set to "open link" and then scroll to caption to edit how your legend appears


    3 - Previous OR Double click again on your gallery > Edit gallery content > Add your images and on the left you can fill the content input, this is your legend


    4 - To add a link to a popup, click on link and select open in "modal" (a modal is a popup), you can link it to any page you created or external pages as well

    Don't hesitate if you have further questions!

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