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Impossible to transfert Domain from another registar.

  • Thank you for your reply.
    We did however buy a domain transfer.
    Here's the bill.
    Have we therefore followed the domain change procedure?

    To change the DNS, do you have to do it from appdrag or from the register?facture dizengoff.jpeg

  • So you don't have to do anything with the CNAMES, it's automatic. The problem is that you did not assign your domain to your project:

    • Remove it from external domain on your projects
    • On the list of your domains go to the settings and click on Move domain to another project
    • Assign it to your AppDrag Project


    It should work, if not tell me

  • On your advice, I deleted the domain name
    I cannot find it in the list of my domain names and therefore I cannot go further.
    The domain name has completely disappeared from my appdrag account.

  • I've looked at your domain and the transfer is still "pending" so until the transfer is complete, it is still under your previous registrar.
    Your domain is still attached to your account so you should find it in Your domains under the transfer list.


  • Hello,
    On the capures, we see that there is no transfer in progress but a redirection.
    We contacted the other registrar, he gave us a new number.
    If we try to ask you for a transfer with this new number you ask us to repay!
    How do I get it to you?Captur1.PNG Capture.PNG

  • You are looking inside your project, since your domain is still in transfer it's not visible there AS EXPLAINED 3 messages above by Wassim

    "Your domain is still attached to your account so you should find it in Your domains under the transfer list."

    So to see your ongoing domain transfer you HAVE to go to "My Domains" and NOT inside your project details

  • Capture.PNG Hi, I work with Franck- Olivier Chabbat and I am the owner of the domain . On July 14th I paid for the transfer from another registar but until now -12 days after- the transfer is still pending . Please solve the problem

  • Hello Olivier, the transfer is still in processing "Transfer is pending at registry. Please contact the current registrar for more information."
    There is nothing we can do on our side ... Also please note that for IL domain transfer can take up to 14-16 days ... (for .COM and most others it's between instant and up to 8 days)

  • Hello @Joseph-Benguira
    We have waited 16 days and still nothing.
    Have you made any requests? If so, did you get any answers?
    If we wanted to redo the process we will not agree to repay the service.
    It is becoming urgent for us to be able to put our site online.

  • @karine-samama said in Impossible to transfert Domain from another registar.:

    Hey Olivier,
    We have a request ongoing since 3 days with IL registry about this anormal delay
    It seems their are asking a special process for your domain with papers to sign ...

    for this issue, please contact us by email ( so we can send you the paper to sign as soon as we get them from IL registry

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