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Tooltip/Explanation for response types

  • Can we have more information (ideally, baked into the UI 🙂 about the response types for Cloud Backend functions?

    Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 09.49.41.png

  • Hey Daniel,

    Good idea, we will add something in the UI 🙂

    about the types:

    JSON: your response will be wrapped in a JSON object containing details about execution, logs and your data in a payload field

    RAW: this return directly your response without any wrapping

    Gateway: this one expect you to return a response where you can define headers, content type, content ... please check our Nodejs samples for more details on how to use this one (QR Code generator)

    Gateway & Base64: Same as Gateway but expect the data to be encoded in Base64, this is useful to return binary content, we also have few samples in Nodejs showing how to use it (Read URL and return binary)

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