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Domain Transfer

  • Hi, I have worked for a client who really wanted Google Domains but I want to change it and transfer everything on Appdrag.
    Do I have to wait until the end of the date contract ?
    Could you send me the Appdrag tuto to transfer ot please ?

  • Hi Katya,

    Here is the lightweight article on Domain Transfer as it's pretty simple and intuitive on our side:

    What can be difficult is to obtain the EPP Code on your side. As the provider you're willing to transfer from is Google Domains, here is a tutorial to get the code :

    And for your question about waiting time short answer is no, unless you recently purchased it:

    • If you recently purchased or transferred a domain, Google Domains requires you to wait 60 days before you can transfer your domain to another registrar or user. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) guidelines mandates this waiting period.

  • OK Thanks, and after that I'll be able to manage her the email redirections ?
    Because they also have bought email adress on Google Domains...
    Is it possible to cancel overthere and transfer with a redirection ?

  • Yes after transfer you have the choice to either keep Google Suite for the emails
    or cancel Google Suite and use our free email forwarding service 🙂

  • Hi Joseph,

    I have the same question for GoDaddy
    I was on the point to cancel the renewal for my client... but she can't wait 60 days beetween the 2 supports... I'm sorry I hadnt' understand everything !
    I'm afraid to make a big mistake if she is without anything after that; she has until the 13/07

    NB : My Google client has closed her website... so I didn't need to change it...

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