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What's coming next?

  • What upcoming features are you currently working on?

    Is store-upgrades in the horizon?

  • Hey Thomas,

    Currently we are working on several improvements about our tools (NPM, CLI, VSCODE plugin, ...)

    We do have some features related to the shop in our roadmap (customizable email templates, easier to customize basket page, more config options, ...)

    Could you describe what you would like to have related to store upgrades? So I can share this topic with our dev team 🙂

  • @Joseph-Benguira Absolutely, I'll make a list 😄

  • Here's the list of basic features missing:

    • Amount labels (Pair, Pcs, Package, Liters etc)
    • Custom out-of-stock message (per product)
    • Custom shipping time (per product)
    • Custom short description for products (Item View)
    • Categories and sub-categories need to be sortable (drag-drop order)
    • Re-order product images
    • Custom fields for products and order details


    • Pre-order purchase (Before official stock)
    • Hide products until launch date (+ notification e-mail on launch)

    The rest we can do with back-end or modifications, these, we can't (need to be in order details / or API).

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