Hi and thank you Joseph,

Right I get that and I did set up as a TXT in DNS Editor thank you!

However, when generating the new TXT name and value while setting up DKIM Authentication in GSuite's Gmail Settings, they allow you to choose either 1024 or 2048 bit to put into the AppDrag DNS TEXT record. I chose 2048...will that work...???

Here's what Google says about it in directions:

*Domain keys and TXT record limits
DNS TXT records can have up to 255 characters in a single string. For TXT records over 255 characters, DNS chains multiple text strings together into a single record.

A 2048-bit domain key is longer than the 255-character limit, so it requires a TXT record created from chained text strings.

Contact your domain host to find out if TXT records longer than 255 characters are supported:

Supported: Find out what steps are required to update your DNS records with the domain key. The steps are different for different domain hosting services.
Not supported: Use 1024-bit domain keys for DKIM to stay within the 255-character limit.*