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Stuck with Project Address, Domain Name can not be changed easily

  • Hi! I gave an external Domain Name to my project to test + added the CNAME value at the registrar but the Domain Name still shows the old website, WHY? So I wanted to change brand new Domain Name to my project so I deleted everything concerning Domain Name and made the changes for BUT the project still stays under !!! Even After 12 hours, is there a cache to reset?
    The AppDrag domain Tab shows GREEN OK for but the AppDrag Overview Tab shows for Project Address.
    It is really not easy to change a new Domain Name to my project after many attempts.
    How can I do it now? Thank you!

  • Hi,
    You need to go to your dashboard and change the main domain.
    To do that, you need to go to the dashboard of your project then click on "main domain & ssl" and select the good domain 🙂

  • @Steven-Betito Thank you Steven, I also went to "main domain & ssl", but it does not let me choose another Domain Name, I click on the arrow down to get the list but it has no effect and the SSL didn't work yet after 3 days.

    Redirect everything to main domain
    SSL Status:
    You need to add this CNAME in your domain provider to validate the SSL certificate
    CNAME Key: _117459ddeea79b005195419a1572dd73
    CNAME value: _0d5feebe950xxxxxxxx

    On the left column, "Domains & Emails", I already added 2 domain names and they got the GREEN DOT OK

  • If you have activated SSL, you must disable it first to be able to select another main domain.
    Once done you will be able to select another main domain

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